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Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Aggressors of Dark Kombat known in Japan as Thrilling Intense March (痛快GANGAN行進曲, Tsūkai GANGAN Kōshinkyoku) or GanGan,[b] is a 1994 fighting arcade game developed by Alpha Denshi Corp. (ADK) and published by SNK. It was also released on SNK’s Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD home consoles, and in later decades appeared on retro compilations and digital storefronts. The English game title uses the same initials as the developer and the title is parodying the name of Midway‘s Mortal Kombat series. The game’s defining feature was that, while it uses a generally 2D format, characters can move towards or away from the screen (somewhat similar to the “Oversway” system from the later SNK title Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory). While some reviews praised this mechanic, critics generally remarked that it offers no meaningful innovation and that the game is generic and lacking in depth. Though a modest success, Aggressors of Dark Kombat failed to match the popularity of the leading SNK fighters.


The game’s major innovation is the ability of fighters to move virtually continuously towards or away from the screen as well as left and right in a similar manner to some 1980s arcade fighting games like Taito‘s Violence Fight, SNK’s Street Smart and Atari‘s Pit-Fighter. Because of this, unlike many other 2D fighting games, jumping is done with the use of an action button. Unlike many SNK fighting games, the “D” button is not used, and only two action buttons are used for attacking, one for punches and one for kicks. Grappling and grabbing the opponent is the focus of the gameplay: the opponent can counter being grabbed and break free as well. Also featured is weapon play (another mechanic akin to beat ’em ups, such as Technōs‘ Renegade and The Combatribes). Weapons can be picked up and thrown, or used in special and standard attacks. Weapons are thrown into the ring by spectators in the background.


The game was released in arcades. It was later ported to SNK’s Neo-Geo AES and Neo Geo CD consoles.

In 2008 it was included with a few other Neo-Geo titles by ADK on the ADK Damashii Game Collection released in Japan for the PlayStation 2 only. It was also included on the Japanese NeoGeo Mini in 2018. It was re-released on other NeoGeo Mini systems: the limited edition Christmas, Samurai Shodown and Samurai Spirits versions.


AllGame (NG)[1]
Electronic Gaming Monthly7/10 (NG)[2]
Famitsu25/40 (NG)[3]
Next Generation (NG)[4]
The Electric Playground7/10 (NGCD)[6]
Hobby Consolas92/100 (NG)[7]
Ultimate Future Games59% (NGCD)[8]
EGM (1994)Strangest Game[9]
VideoGames (1994)Best Neo•Geo Game (runner-up)[10]

The game was met with generally underwhelming reviews from critics, many of whom felt the large sprites and ability to move through different planes ultimately do not make Aggressors of Dark Kombat intrinsically different from or as deep as fighting games which preceded it, though it had its share of defenders. Ultimate Future Games, in its review of the Neo Geo CD version, summed up that “It’s nothing we haven’t already seen before, and seen with more finesse at that.”

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