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aircombu is a 1995 developed and published for the PlayStation by Namco. Players control an aircraft and are tasked with completing a series of missions, with objectives ranging from destroying formations of enemies to protecting a specific target from enemy fire. Missions award money that is used to purchase new jet fighter, each with its own unique weapons and strengths.

 is based on a 1993 arcade game of the same name that ran on the Namco System 21 hardware. Company employees Masanori Kato and Kazumi Mizuno were tasked with bringing the game to the then-new PlayStation, but decided to create a new game from scratch after realizing the PlayStation’s hardware was not powerful enough to properly render the arcade version’s gameplay. Air Combat shipped 2.23 million copies worldwide and was later reprinted under Sony‘s The Best budget title range. Critics found enjoyment in the game’s arcade-like gameplay, realism, and cinematic approach, though several criticized its graphics and presentation for being below-average. It spawned the Ace Combat franchise with several sequels, spin-offs, and other forms of media.


 is a combat flight simulation game presented in an arcade-like format.[1] The player controls one of sixteen different aircraft,[2] including the F-4 PhantomSu-27 Flanker, and Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk,[3] and must complete each of the game’s seventeen levels, each having mission objectives that must be fulfilled.[4] Missions range from destroying a squadron of enemies, protecting an allied base from enemy fire, or destroying a massive battleship.[4] Completing missions awards the player money, which can be used to purchase new aircraft in their own personal hangar.[4] Extra money can also be earned by destroying optional, “non-target” enemies.[4]

Beginning at the game’s fourth mission, a wingman can be employed that will help protect the player and fight alongside them.[4] Additional wingmen can be hired by earning additional money during combat.[4] The game progresses in a linear format.[4] Alongside the main single-player campaign, there is also a split-screen multiplayer deathmatch mode, where two players attempt to destroy each other in the quickest time possible.[4] Players can also unlock new aircraft and special minigames by completing specific objectives at various points throughout the game.[4] Players can also swap between a first-person and third-person camera option.[4]


In 1995, a terrorist organization launches an insurrection against allied nations, specifically the Skully Islands in the fictional country of Usea. In response to attacks made across the globe, a mercenary air force is assembled to prevent the terrorist organization from seizing control of the government.[2]

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