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 All Points Bulletin[6] is an open world multiplayer online video game for Microsoft Windows[7] developed by Realtime Worlds and acquired by Reloaded Productions, which is part of the GamersFirst company.[8][9] Little Orbit acquired GamersFirst in 2018 and is now in charge of the game’s development.[10] Based in urban sprawls and featuring two factions, Enforcers and the Criminals, can form sub-groups in either faction and carry out missions. The game design was led by David Jones. It was released in 2010 in North America and Europe.[1]

After Realtime Worlds was placed into administration, the servers for online play were shut down later in 2010, but they were reactivated when online gaming company K2 Network purchased APB for £1.5 million and relaunched it under their subsidiary company Reloaded Productions as a free-to-play game, renamed APB: Reloaded. In 2015, Deep Silver announced versions of the game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in collaboration with Reloaded Productions and The Workshop Entertainment for release in 2015.[3][11] The game was ultimately released in 2016 for Xbox One and in 2017 for the PlayStation 4. Since 2019, all copyright of APB belongs to Unit Game, which has a series of APB game development plans.[12]


APB: All Points Bulletin takes place in the modern-day city of San Paro where there is a constant battle between Enforcers and Criminals, and the player will need to decide to which faction they want to belong.

Gameplay typically consists of the two sides fighting one another in missions, where one side must complete a series of objectives with the other side attempting to stop them doing so. For example, several Criminal players may rob a convenience store within the game; the game will then seek out one or more Enforcer players of equivalent skills and other criteria and will issue an all-points bulletin for them to stop the robbery and apprehend or eliminate the Criminals. Players earn money for participating in these missions, which can then be used to upgrade weapons, vehicles, and their character appearances, all of which influence the game.[13


Reception to APB has been mixed, with the game holding a 58% average on Metacritic as of February 2016.[38]

Initial reviews included PC Gamer giving the title 55/100.[39] and Eurogamer giving APB a 6/10[40] 1UP awarded APB a grade of D[41] and Destructoid gave a 35/100.[42] Other reviews were higher, with IGN giving a 77/100[43] and Edge granting a 7/10.[44] The main criticism includes the game feeling unfinished and underdeveloped.[45]


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