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Brett Hull Hockey is an ice hockey video game developed by Radical Entertainment and originally published by Accolade for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in January 1994.[1] It prominently features former CanadianAmerican NHL player Brett Hull and is officially licensed from the NHL Players’ Association.

Featuring the sportscaster Al Michaels as the play-by-play announcer, players have the choice to play across any of the game modes available against with either CPU-controlled opponents or other players. Despite being licensed by the NHLPA, the game was not officially endorsed by the NHL and as such, all the teams are referred only by city with no use of the team name itself, in addition to not having either NHL team logos or NHL emblems to be seen anywhere in the title.

Brett Hull Hockey received mixed but positive reception when it was released. Ports for the Sega GenesisAtari Jaguar and Atari Jaguar CD were in development but never released. A sequel to the game, Brett Hull Hockey ’95, was released the following year for MS-DOSSega Genesis and Super NES.


Brett Hull Hockey is an ice hockey game that is played from a vertical perspective in a two-dimensional environment with sprites.[2] Most of the rules from the sport are present in the title, though they can be disabled from the menu and in-game options. Other options are available such as turning on/off music and sound effects, along with the pre-game coaching mode which can turn a losing team into a winning team and vice versa, among other settings. Some of the gameplay options found within the game include an exhibition match, regular season and playoff competitions, among other modes of play. The announcer, Al Michaels, makes commentary during gameplay and announces Brett Hull by name but other players are only called by their respective jersey number due to the lack of the NHL license, while his commentaries can also be turned off on the options menu. Season progress is only kept via password and there is also a two-player option for every mode.

During gameplay, players are able to apply tactics such as multiple types of shots and checking for both offensive and defensive purposes respectively in order to score points. Offsides can occur if attacking players crossing the blue lines are entering the offensive zone (red zone), before the puck and anyone on either team touches the puck before leaving the red zone. Penalties are applied by an official when any of the rules are infringed, sending the offending player into the penalty box for a set number of minutes before re-entering into the playfield. Fights can also erupt at any moment between players from either team.

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