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Chameleon Twist (USA) (Rev 1)

Chameleon Twist (カメレオンツイスト, Kamereon Tsuisuto) is a platform game developed by Japan System Supply and published for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 by Sunsoft.

Though disliked by critics due to its easy gameplay, repetitive music, and awkward camera angles, Chameleon Twist was followed by a sequel titled Chameleon Twist 2.

This 3D platform game has players take on the role of one of four anthropomorphic chameleons, and travel across six themed worlds. The chameleon’s elongated tongue can be used as a weapon, a means to traverse gaps, or as a way to leap onto platforms. Once the tongue is unrolled, it can be guided in any direction using the analog stick. A five-room training area lets players practice the controls. The single-player game involves progressing through predominately indoor environments, each culminating in a boss battle, while collecting hearts to replenish health.[2]


Pressing the B button makes the player character stick out its tongue. Using the analog stick, players then control the movement of the tongue. This enables players to obtain power-ups from a distance or to swallow enemies. The tongue will extend until it reaches its full length and retracts back into the chameleon’s mouth, or until it bumps a wall, which yields the same result. As a basic attack, Davy and his friends, who have the same powers, can stick out their tongue and swallow enemies that stick to it. Once inside their mouth, the Chameleons have the option of spitting the enemies back out of their mouths at other enemies.[3]

In order to jump up to levels of ground that are usually impossible to reach, the characters are able to launch themselves into the air by using their tongues. If used while the chameleon is moving in a particular direction, the jump is given even more altitude, in what is comparable to pole vaulting.

When faced with impassable gaps in the ground, player characters can grab a pole on the other side of the pit, allowing them to either move across the pit in a set direction. The player may rather choose to move across the pit in a circular motion by swinging around the pole by pressing the A button and the desired direction after grabbing the pole.

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