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Chuck Rock is a 1991 slapstick side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Core Design for the Atari ST and Amiga computers. A Commodore 64 port followed in 1992 and an Amiga CD32 version in 1994. The game was subsequently published by Krisalis Software for the Acorn ArchimedesVirgin Interactive published the game for the Sega Mega Drive/GenesisMaster System, and the Game GearSony Imagesoft published the game for the Sega Mega-CDSuper NES, and Game Boy.


The eponymous Chuck Rock is an overweight, square-jawed caveman characterized by loutish and lewd behaviour perhaps influenced by the lad culture of the 1990s. Chuck has a limited vocabulary (his favourite phrase being “Unga Bunga” and not much else), has a balding head cut into a punk-style mohawk, eats whole dinosaur-steaks raw in one bite, and has a penchant for picking up rocks and throwing them at things, hence his name. Chuck is a guitarist and singer (or shouter) in a rock band along with some other cavemen, his attractive wife Ophelia Rock, and a long-haired dinosaur bass player; and whilst on stage he wears a long wig to hide his balding head.

One day, Ophelia Rock is kidnapped by jealous local bully Garry Gritter (a pun on the name of contemporary pop star Gary Glitter) and carried off to Gritter’s hang-out in the creepy dinosaur graveyard. Chuck must go to her rescue, searching for her in primeval jungles, swamps, lakes, an ice-capped mountain top, caves, and even the insides of a gigantic dinosaur.


Chuck Rock is an multi-directional-scrolling action-adventure puzzle platformer where the player, as the titular caveman, rescues her love interest, Ophelia, who is held hostage in a jungle by Gary Gritter.[1][2][3] While Chuck watches TV, Gritter knocks her unconscious while she does laundry, carrying her away.[4] The game lasts five levels (Jungle, Cave, Water, Ice and Graveyard) each with three-to-five scenes and a concluding boss battle, and provides the player three lives and one continue.[5][6][7] Parallax scrolling is present in all versions except the Atari ST.[5] The enemies include dinosaurs (such as small ones that pop out of eggs) and spiders, and Chuck attacks them by thrusting his beer belly, kicking while above ground, and chucking rocks and boulders.[2][8] Additionally, rocks can shield Chuck from hazards that fall from the top, and boulders can be used as platforms, which is occasionally necessary to obtain certain bonus items.[2] Some animals aid in Chuck’s journey, such as flying lizards that he eats, a brontosaurus that he rides, and a crocodile that serves as a seesaw for him to bounce over a wall.[2][8]

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