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Clue (USA)

(known as Cluedo outside of North America) is a 1998 video game based on the board game of the same name. It is also known as Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion or Cluedo: Murder at Blackwell Grange, depending on whether the country of release used American or British English.[1][2][3]

Clue runs on Microsoft Windows. It was developed in 1998 for Hasbro Interactive by EAIInfogrames (now Atari) took over publishing rights for the game in 2000 when Hasbro Interactive went out of business. The game, just like the board game, is meant for 3-6 players due to the six suspects. The game garnered generally positive reviews upon release.


The game has the same objective as the board game it is based on: to find the murderer, the room which housed Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black’s demise, and the weapon used

In addition to play by the original rules, Clue has an additional mode that allows movement via “points”. Each turn begins with nine points and every action the player takes costs points. The player can only do as many things as he has points. For example, moving from square to square costs one point, making a suggestion costs three points. Many players prefer this mode of play as it makes the game more balanced since each player gets the same number of “moves” each turn.

A few features of Clue:

  • Detailed depictions of the characters made famous by the board game.
  • 3D isometric view.
  • A top down view reminiscent of the board game.
  • Video clips of the characters carrying out the crime (which garnered the game’s T (Teen) rating).
  • Online play via the Internet.

The Providence Journal described the game as having a “film-noir environment (like a murder-mystery movie of the 1940s)”.[10] Christian Spotlight explains that these can be switched off if one so chooses.[11]

AllGame explains that “each room is richly created in loving detail, complete with exotic period furniture and secret passages. Both the mood and gameplay is enhanced by the deep, sonorous voice of the Butler as he announces events as they occur”.[12] Spong says: “Cluedo takes place mostly in the house where the murder was committed, creating a chilling atmosphere. Environments are beautifully rendered, featuring all characters from the original board game in full 3D”.

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