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Demolition Man is a pair of action video games based on the film of the same nameAcclaim Entertainment published the 16-bit version, which features run and gun gameplay, for the Super NESSega Genesis and Sega CDVirgin Interactive released a completely different game for the 3DO that combined several distinct gameplay styles. In both games, the player controls John Spartan, the main character from the film, as he attempts to find and defeat his nemesis, Simon Phoenix.


Reviewing the Genesis version, Scary Larry of GamePro found some problems with the game, in particular the generally “dreary, dark” graphics, but found it overall effective in every respect. He described it as “the kind of game that brings a smile to the faces of 16-bit vets who appreciate a good solid platform/action game.”[1] Captain Squideo reviewed the Super NES version for GamePro, and commented that it “parallels the recent Genesis game: it’s fast, fun, and explosive.” He remarked that though veteran gamers may find the game too simplistic, it is intense and fun overall, and that unlike the Genesis version the graphics are colorful and effectively convey the postapocalyptic settings.[2]

Entertainment Weekly gave the game an A.[3]

Next Generation reviewed the Genesis version of the game, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that “Ultimately Demolition Man is another Acclaim movie game, and if you own one, there’s no need for any of the others.”[4]

The 3DO game was developed in tandem with the film[5] and entails several gameplay styles: of the game’s 16 levels, nine are light gun shooter levels, four are one-on-one fighting, two are first-person shooter; and one is a mission-based racing game. Due to the advanced 3DO sound engine, the soundtrack is ripped directly from the movie, and full motion video is heavily used, incorporating both footage from the film and exclusive footage of Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes made specifically for the game. Jesse Ventura reprises his role as a minion to Simon Phoenix as the only actor in the movie to play a cryo-con henchman in the underground level and cryo-prison level.[citation needed] A version of the game was in development by Virgin Interactive and planned to be published by Atari Corporation for the Atari Jaguar CD,[6][7] but it was cancelled after several delays.[8] A PlayStation version was also in development but never released.

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