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Go! Go! Ackman

Go! Go! Ackman (Japanese: ゴーゴーアックマン, HepburnGō Gō Akkuman) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was published irregularly in V Jump for 11 chapters from July 1993 to October 1994. Go! Go! Ackman is a humorous series about a demon child named Ackman who harvests souls for the Great Demon King. It was adapted into an animated short film and several video games. Viz Media released the manga in North America on December 7, 2021 as part of Akira Toriyama’s Manga Theater.

Plot summary

Ackman, a short demonic child, wakes up after a 50-year nap. Since he is now 200-years-old, his parents explain that it is time he starts killing humans and selling their souls to the Great Demon King. Gung-ho about killing, Ackman ends up spending most of his time wandering around looking for goodhearted young women to kill as their pure souls are worth more, only to be embarrassed after finding out that they are actually immodest.

Ackman’s nemesis Tenshi-kun, a Cherub-like angel who thought he was dead, is shocked to find Ackman has started killing. Tenshi-kun repeatedly tries to kill Ackman throughout the series but fails miserably. One example is him trying to hit Ackman with a missile, but missing and killing a school bus full of school children. Upon learning of Ackman’s weakness to bawdiness, Tenshi-kun hires a stripper, which works, until the stripper is revealed to have a penis.

Ackman bumps into the female demon Witchney (マージョ, Mājo) when selling souls to the Great Demon King, and after learning of the extraordinary amount she earned, he proposes marriage. More than twice his age and already in a relationship, Witchney tells the annoying Ackman she will accept if he defeats her boyfriend. When he does so easily, it is Witchney’s turn to be infatuated. The series ends with Ackman running from his wife that same night after she tried to initiate romance in the bedroom.


Ackman (アックマン, Akkuman)

Voiced by: Megumi UrawaA 200-year-old demon child without a nose, who has just awoken from a 50-year nap. He gets embarrassed around immodest women.Gordon (ゴードン, Gōdon)

Voiced by: Bin ShimadaA talking bat-winged creature that accompanies Ackman. His main purpose is to gather the souls of the people Ackman kills in a jar.Tenshi-kun (天使くん)

Voiced by: Yōko TeppōzukaAckman’s angel rival. He constantly tries to kill Ackman and stop him from killing humans, but often causes their deaths himself instead.

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