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Gokujou Parodius,[a] translated as Gokujo Parodius – Pursuing the Past Glory and also known as Fantastic Journey, is a 1994 side-scrolling shooterarcade game developed and published by Konami. It is the third entry in their Parodius series, itself a parody spin-off of their Gradius series.


Gokujō Parodius is a horizontal-scrolling shooter, and a parody of the Gradius series of games. Players select one of eight playable characters to progress through the game with; these include: the Vic Viper, the starship from Gradius; TwinBee, the protagonist of his self-titled series; Pentarou, son of the penguin from Antarctic Adventure; Takosuke, a hat-wearing octopus and the son of Tako; Hikaru, a Playboy bunny girl riding a rocket; Mambo, a mute sunfish; Michael, a stern angel pig; and Koitsu, a stickman riding a paper airplane. Each of these characters feature their own unique set of weapons, all being modified after the standard Gradius weapons.

As in the Gradius games, players can unlock new weapons and abilities by collecting power capsules dropped by certain types of enemies, which will highlight an option on the player’s “power meter” — collecting additional capsules will give the player access to more powerful weapons. Some enemies will also drop bells from the TwinBee series that can also yield other abilities; the player can select which ability they want by firing additional shots at the bells to change their color.

The game spans a total of seven stages, each gradually increasing in difficulty.[2] These stages feature strange, often humorous themes to them, such as a UFO catcher machine, giant cookie-like castles, and Las Vegas-esc casino parlors.[2] Stages also feature bosses at the end that must be defeated to progress, often paralleling those found throughout the Gradius series; one boss in particular pays tribute to the Big Core ship from the original Gradius, with its core being an enormous traffic light and firing road signs at the player.[2] Some bosses and stage designs are also parodies of those in other shooters, such as R-TypeXeviousGalaga and Thunder Force.[2] The soundtrack consists of remixes of well-known classical music, as well as tracks from Gradius and other Konami games such as TwinBee.[2]

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