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Head-On Soccer in North America,[a] is a soccer video game originally developed and published by U.S. Gold for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1995.

Featuring an arcade-style approach to soccer compared to other titles that were released at the time, Fever Pitch Soccer allows players to have the choice of playing across any of the game modes available against with either CPU-controlled opponents or other players with the team of their choosing.[1] Initially launched for the Genesis, it was then released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System a few months after the original version and was later ported to the Atari Jaguar in December of the same year.

Fever Pitch Soccer received generally positive reception from critics since its release on the Genesis/Mega Drive, with praise towards the graphics, sound, gameplay and the ability to upgrade the various abilities of the team players upon winning matches. The Super NES version also received positive reception, with praise to the improved graphics and sound from the Genesis original while the Jaguar version, though criticized for not taking advantage of the hardware, was generally well-received and considered by some reviewers as one of the better titles for the system. Critics, however, compared the game with both the FIFA series from Electronic Arts and the original International Superstar Soccer from Konami.


Fever Pitch Soccer is a soccer game that is played from an isometric perspective in a two-dimensional environment with sprites. Although it follows the same gameplay as with other soccer titles at the time and most of the sport’s rules are present as well, the game opts for a more arcade-styled and slapstick approach of the sport,[2] instead of being a full simulation, as the team players tends to have a lean towards “dirty” play, in addition of having their respective special abilities such as the ability to dive in an attempt to win a free-kick or penalty and as the player’s team wins games, they gain access to additional team players. There are also multiple stadiums to choose from, each with their own characteristics.

With the exception of the Jaguar port,[3] the Genesis and SNES versions feature support for multitap accessories, allowing more than two people for multiplayer. Every version also have five types of language settings to choose from at the main menu screen and a password system to resume progress.[4][5]

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