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JWP Joshi Pro Wrestling (JWP女子プロレス, JWP Joshi Puroresu), also known as JWP Project (JWPプロジェクト, JWP Purojekuto) or simply JWP, was a Japanese joshi puroresu (women’s professional wrestlingpromotion, founded in 1992 as a splinter promotion of Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling. Celebrating its 25th anniversary at the time of its folding in 2017, JWP was the oldest joshi puroresu promotion in Japan and its Openweight Championship was the oldest championship in all of joshi.[2][3][4]Command Bolshoi, who had worked for the promotion since the beginning, served as the final president of JWP.[5] The promotion’s slogan was “Pure Heart, Pure Wrestling”.[1]


JWP Joshi Puroresu was founded in early 1992, when Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (JWP), ravaged by internal politics, split up into two camps, dubbed the “shooters” and the “entertainers“,[6] and eventually folded on January 18.[7][8] The “shooter” side went on to form Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling (LLPW), while the “entertainer” side, led by Jackie Sato and financed by Masatoshi Yamamoto, founded JWP Project, later renamed JWP Joshi Puroresu, which held its first event on April 3, 1992.[6][9][10] Already the following year, JWP managed to sign a television deal with the WOWOW channel.[11] In 1994, Jaleco published the JWP Joshi Pro Wrestling: Pure Wrestle Queens (JWP女子プロレス ピュア・レッスル・クイーンズ, JWP Joshi Puroresu Pyua Ressuru Kuīnzuvideo game for the Super Famicom game console.[12]

JWP’s goal from the start was to rival All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW), the top joshi puroresu promotion in the country, but always remained in its shadow.[13] After closing the gap between the two promotions in 1996, JWP was hit hard in 1997, when two of its top workers, Candy Okutsu and Hiromi Yagi retired, Dynamite Kansai was sidelined with health problems and finally, when, on August 16, another top worker, Plum Mariko, died in the ring during one of its events.[13] These were followed by Jackie Sato’s death from stomach cancer on August 9, 1999.[6] After a co-promoted event with AJW in February 2000 turned out to be a failure, JWP closed its doors at the end of the year.[6] However, the promotion returned just a few months later, now under new management, headed by wrestler Command Bolshoi.[5] JWP continued working with former rival promotion AJW until the promotion folded in April 2005. JWP then adopted AJW’s premier wrestling tournament, Tag League the Best,[14] and also inherited the promotion’s old sponsor, the Daily Sports newspaper, which led to JWP most notably introducing the Daily Sports Women’s Tag Team Championship in August 2008.[15][16]

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