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Kablooey is a 2007 comedy film written and directed by Scott Prendergast.[1]

It stars Prendergast, as well as Lisa KudrowTeri Garr (in her final film role prior to retirement), Christine TaylorJeffrey Dean Morgan, and Angela SarafyanChris Parnell also appears in the film as a grocery store manager.


Leslie, whose husband is in Iraq, is in danger of losing her benefits if she does not return to work.

Salman, her brother-in-law, arrives in her town to help watch over Leslie’s two kids. In part this is due to Salman’s having no other place to go. He seems a bit spacey and was fired from his last job at a copy shop because he enjoyed laminating so much that he laminated everything in the store that was laminatable (including the money in the till).

Leslie’s eldest son, Cameron, takes an instant dislike to Salman and threatens to kill him. Her other son Lincoln follows his lead. Salman’s difficulty in handling the two hyperactive children does not impress Leslie, so she asks him to leave. Unfortunately that’s not an option as Salman has no money and nowhere to go.

So, struggling for answers and a way to keep things from falling apart, Leslie finds Salman a job at her company. They will trade off working and watching after the kids. Leslie does not realize that the job Salman gets is as a blue-costumed corporate mascot called “Kabluey”. Salman’s job as Kabluey is to hand out flyers (advertising office space) on the side of the road for her company, a faltering dot-com called BluNexion. The costume has its unique challenges, being extremely hot inside and having no fingers on the hands, forcing him to grip the flyers under his arms. Standing on the side of the road also seems completely pointless – as the only people who drive by are farmers who don’t need office space. Kabluey (the mascot) also interacts with passing road workers, and an insane woman (who lost all of her money investing in BluNexion in an ENRON type scandal) who constantly drives by and even tries to kill Kabluey with her car. Despite all this, Salman finds strange confidence through his suit and alter ego – and his life begins to change.

Salman is asked to entertain at a birthday party in the suit. He manages to gain the respect of Cameron and Lincoln in the process. He later discovers Leslie is having an affair with her boss Brad but is afraid to confront the issue. When he later discovers that Brad is sleeping with another woman, he attacks Brad (wearing the costume) while Brad is in a motel room with the other woman, but not before calling Leslie to the scene.

Confronted with the reality of the situation, Leslie slaps Salman and walks away, but later breaks down in Salman’s arms. She tells him that she never loved Brad and never planned on leaving her husband, that the situation had simply developed due to stress and as a way to keep money coming in. Leslie’s husband returns home to a family happy to see him, and Salman disappears.

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