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Lucky Luke is a Belgian comic series that has been running since 1946 . The main character is a cowboy who has adventures in the Wild West . The comic was created by the Belgian Maurice De Bevere from Kortrijk. Maurice worked under the pseudonym Morris . Two years after his death in 2001, Hervé Darmenton ( Achdé ) resumed drawing.

Lucky Luke is a humorous comic series and has had many screenwriters, René Goscinny being the best known and most celebrated. The stories are all set in the United States in the nineteenth century . The clichés of the western genre are often parodied and well-known colorful historical characters are also performed.

Together with The Adventures of Tintin and Asterix , the comic is one of the most successful European comic series. The series has been translated into 23 languages, including some African and Asian languages. [source?]


Lucky Luke at the Ankara Amusement Park (2007)

The comic book series revolves around wandering cowboy Lucky Luke, who helps fight injustice and crime wherever he goes. He is best known for shooting faster than his shadow. The other main characters are Luke’s faithful horse Jolly Jumper , the dumbest dog in the world Rataplan and the gang of crooks The Daltons .

All stories are set in the 19th century , albeit with no clear chronology or indication of dates. Lucky Luke also frequently encounters famous historical figures, such as Calamity Jane , Billy the Kid , Jesse James , Abraham Lincoln, and Sarah Bernhardt , and is involved in several historical events, such as the creation of the Pony Express , the construction of the first telegraph link of the east coast to west coast and the colonization of Oklahoma. In reality, these individuals lived from the early to late 19th century, and the events involving Luke took place over a period of many years. For example, in The Daily Star, Lucky Luke meets the journalist Horace Greeley before his trip to New York, which places this story around 1830, while Luke’s involvement in the fight with the Dalton gang in Coffeyville (in the album Outlaw ) takes place around 1892.

In a few stories, Luke ventures outside the Wild West and even ends up abroad, in Mexico , Canada and Paris .

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