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Magical Pop’n

Magical Pop’n[a] is a side-scrolling actionplatform video game developed by Polestar and published by Pack-In-Video exclusively for the Super Famicom in Japan on 10 March, 1995. When the Demon King’s army steals a magic gem that holds tremendous power during an invasion from the castle in the kingdom of To’ahl, the Princess sets out on a journey to retrieve the stolen gem back, before it is used for world domination. Its gameplay consists of platforming and exploration with a main six-button configuration, featuring special moves and techniques.

Featuring the voice work of former AV idol Ai Iijima as the protagonist, Magical Pop’n was co-produced by Shōtarō Hara and Yasuhiro Wada, who would go on to create the Harvest Moon franchise after the release of this game in the same year with the first installment on the Super NES. The game has been met with mixed reception from critics who criticized the difficulty, voice acting, lack of any support for game save and for being a standard action title but the controls, graphics and animations received praise.

In recent years, Magical Pop’n has since become an expensive collector’s item and one of the rarest Super Famicom titles, leading it to fetch high prices in the secondary video game collecting market.


Magical Pop’n is a side-scrolling action-platform game similar to The Adventure of Little Ralph in which the player takes control of the Princess, the main protagonist of the game, through six stages of varying themes set in the land of To’ahl where the main objective is to recover the kingdom’s powerful Magic Jewel that was stolen by the army of the game’s main antagonist, the Demon King, and defeat his servants acting as a boss at the end of the stage in order to progress further.[1] The stages are organized in a mazelike and non-linear fashion, which encourages exploration in order to find new items hidden in treasure chests such as extra heart containers that increase the player’s total health and obtaining spells is also an important aspect in order to keep advancing further into the game, as the Princess starts off with a three-heart life gauge and one spell attack at the beginning.[2][3] The player can also increase the Princess’s number of lives by collecting three golden tokens (which look like the Princess’s face) per life. There is no password or saving feature, so the game must be completed in one session.[2][3]

Controlling the Princess is done with the D-pad, while jumping and attacking enemies are performed with either the A or Y button for magic or melee attacks. Repeatedly pressing the Y button increases the range of melee attacks, which allows the Princess to hang on certain objects and while jumping with the B button, the player can perform a pogo stick-like attack against enemies from above by holding down and Y. The L and R buttons change between different magic attacks, while pressing Select on the controller activates a powerful magic attack against enemies as well.[4] When crouching, the Princess can also slide by holding forward and B.

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