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Manchester United Championship Soccer

Manchester United Championship Soccer (abbreviated MUFC ) is an English football club from Manchester , founded in 1878 as Newton Heath L&YR FC and taking its current name in 1902. The club is the most successful side in the history of English football.

On May 12, 2005, the club passed into the hands of American businessman Malcolm Glazer . He paid 800 million pounds, about 1.2 billion euros. Since May 16, he managed to acquire 75% of the shares. This percentage was necessary to remove the club from the stock exchange .

Manchester United is one of the few clubs that managed to reach the European top with its youth academy. Manchester United is a partner of UNICEF and acts as a national ambassador for the UN Children’s Fund.

Manchester United was one of the few top European clubs to win all three UEFA main competitions (European Cup/UEFA Champions League, European Cup II , and UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League ) , together with Ajax , Chelsea , Juventus and Bayern Munich . to win


A nice start 

In 1878 the club started under the name Newton Heath, a football club formed by the employees of the Lancashire-Yorkshire railway line. Since they don’t think they’re good enough, players and clubs decide not to participate in the newly started Football League a year later. Accession only follows in 1892.

By the end of the 19th century, the club had financial problems and was in danger of disappearing. With a bit of luck, a savior came in the form of John Henry Davies who invested in the club with the only return being allowed to help determine the policy. He was a driving force behind the name change at the beginning of the 20th century. Several names were not approved, including Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic. Eventually Manchester United became the name. This was in April/May 1902.

During the remainder of the First World War, the Football League was suspended, complicating Manchester’s recovery.

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