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Metal Warriors is a side-scrolling actionplatform run and gun video game developed by LucasArts and published by Konami exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in April 1995. It is often confused by many to be a direct sequel to Cybernator, which was created by NCS Corporation and released earlier in 1992 on the console. Set in the year 2102 where dictator Venkar Amon has waged a war against the United Earth Government for three years, players assume the role of lieutenant Stone from the titular freedom-fighting group taking control of several mecha suits in a last-ditch effort to overthrow the Dark Axis military force on Earth. Its gameplay mainly consists of action and shooting mixed with mission-based exploration using a main seven-button configuration.

Metal Warriors was created by most of the same team who previously worked on Zombies Ate My Neighbors at LucasArts, including designer Mike Ebert and programmer Dean Sharpe, and uses an improved version of the same game engine that was previously implemented in the latter. Development on the project was immediately approved by Kelly Flock after release of Zombies Ate My Neighbors in 1993 to positive reviews and took influence from various mecha anime series and video games, most notably Cybernator. It was originally intended to be published by Nintendo as a first-party title during Christmas amid the 3D era before publishing duties were ultimately handled by Konami instead, who produced a limited run of copies in total as a result.

Metal Warriors garnered positive reception upon its release from critics, who praised various aspects of the title such as its presentation, visuals, gameplay and multiplayer but some of the reviewers felt divided in regards to the difficulty, sound design and lack of passwords for game saves, while many also drew comparison with Cybernator due to its similar mechanics. Nevertheless, it has since gained a cult following, in addition of being referred by publications like IGN as one of the best titles for the Super Nintendo.


Metal Warriors is a side-scrolling action-platform game with run and gun elements similar to CybernatorFront Mission: Gun Hazard and Metal Mech, where players assume the role of lieutenant Stone from the titular freedom-fighting group in order to complete a series of nine missions as attempts to overthrow the Dark Axis forces led by dictator Venkar Amon and end the three-year war against Earth.[1][2] During gameplay, the players are able to pilot six different types of assault suits, each one having their own melee weapons and featuring a distinctive mechanic from another, and can also use more than one suit in the same stage.[3]

The six different suit types are the Nitro, Havoc, Prometheus, Spider, Ballistic and Drache. Each unit is equipped with a backpack mount that allows collecting and using side power-ups for their advantage. These backpack power-ups are the rocket launcher, the grenade launcher, the mine layer and a gravity inverter. Players can also collect various upgrades for the suit’s primary gun that alters their shot as well as health power-ups, which instantly restore a damaged suit to full health. Both the powered-up ranged gun and the backpack items may be disabled if the suit suffers a significant amount of damage.

At any given time or when it is almost completely destroyed, players can abandon their suit and scramble around the stage to find a new one, allowing to remain in the game even if their assault suit was destroyed.[3] While ejected from the suit, players take control of Stone, who is armed with a pistol that is useless against all mechanical enemies with the exception of soldiers and scientists lacking armor, in addition to a jetpack that enables him to fly in a similar manner to the Nitro but slower. During certain points in the game, the players would be required to eject from their suit to switch between units and activate switches to open doors. Stone can also fit into smaller spaces and scout ahead without attracting the attention of most enemies, as some of them ignore unsuited marines. However, being outside of a mech suit is an extremely risky proposition, as Stone can be instantly killed by a powerful enemy fire and enemy soldiers can also steal the player’s current mech suit to use it in their favor.[3]

A notable feature of the game is the lack of GUI, as every action is visually represented;[4] All of the mech suits show progressive battle damage when they take on enemy fire, while Stone displays how many hit points he has remaining after taking shots from enemy soldiers.[3] The players have a limited number of continues to keep playing before the game is over. Prior to starting a playthrough, players can choose to adjust a number of default settings at the options menu such as the main character’s name, control for each mech suit and disable cutscenes.[5] In addition to the regular single-player campaign, there is a two-player split-screen deathmatch mode, where two human players battle against each other in order to emerge as victor of the match.[6][2]

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