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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Movie is a 1995 American superhero film. It stars the ensemble cast of Karan AshleyJohnny Yong BoschSteve CardenasJason David FrankAmy Jo Johnson, and David Yost alongside the villains cast from the original series and Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze. Much like the television season that followed the release, it used concepts from the Japanese Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai ZyurangerGosei Sentai Dairanger and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It is the first Power Rangers production from Saban Entertainment not to feature any archived footage from Super Sentai. It is the first installment in Power Rangers film series. The film was released in between the second and third seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but is incompatible with season three, which provides a different explanation for the Rangers gaining their Ninja Ranger powers and Ninjazords, indicating they are set in different continuities.

Filming took place in and around Bombo Quarry and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This film was released June 30, 1995 and grossed $66.43 million worldwide,[3] but received mixed reviews from critics. The critics praised its action sequences and performances, but felt that the film was nothing more than a longer episode of the series with better special effects, pointing to the plot and screenplay as the main faults.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers participate with Bulk and Skull in a charity skydive for the Angel Grove observatory, in anticipation of Ryan’s Comet which is scheduled to pass by in two days. Bulk and Skull miss the target landing zone and accidentally land at a construction site where a giant purple egg has been unearthed. Lord ZeddRita RepulsaGoldar and Mordant arrive at the construction site and crack open the egg, releasing Ivan Ooze, a morphological being who ruled Earth 6,000 years ago before he was lured into a hyper-lock chamber and buried deep underground by Zordon and a group of young warriors. The Rangers find and confront him, but Ivan unleashes some Oozemen on them. While the Rangers battle and successfully defeat them, the fight distracts them long enough to allow Ivan to escape and lay siege to the Command Center, incapacitating Zordon, and robbing the Rangers of their powers. As the Rangers return to the Command Center, they find it destroyed and Zordon, being outside his time warp, aging and dying.

Zordon’s assistant Alpha 5 sends the Rangers to the distant planet Phaedos to obtain the Great Power and save Zordon. On the Moon, Ivan usurps Rita and Zedd, shrinking and trapping them in a snow globe, and forces Goldar and Mordant to be his servants, then sends his Tengu bird warriors to Phaedos and begins building an army. He uses children to bring his ooze to their parents, and it hypnotizes them into becoming his workforce to dig up his Ecto-Morphicons, twin war machines built during his reign. When Fred Kelman, a friend of the Rangers, discovers his father missing, he finds him working at the construction site and discovers Ivan’s plans.

On Phaedos, the Rangers are almost killed by the Tengu Birds but are rescued by Dulcea, Phaedos’ Master Warrior Princess. She initially tells them to leave for their safety, but after hearing of Zordon’s plight, she agrees to help them and takes them to an ancient ruined temple where the Rangers will have to overcome obstacles to acquire the power of the Ninjetti. Dulcea awakens each Rangers’ animal spirit; Aisha is the bear, Rocky is the ape, Billy is the wolf, Kimberly is the crane, Adam is the frog, and Tommy is the falcon. Upon being asked if she could join them, Dulcea informs the Rangers that she would begin to age as rapidly as Zordon is at the moment if she steps beyond the temple. She then shapeshifts into an owl to preserve her age. The Rangers make their way to the Monolith housing the Great Power, using their wits to defeat the live fossilized dinosaur skeleton Skelesaur, and then, the temple’s Stone Gargoyle guardians, and retrieve the Great Power, restoring their suits.

On Earth, Ivan’s Ecto-Morphicons are completely unearthed, and he unleashes them on Angel Grove, ordering the parents to walk off a cliff at the construction site. Fred recruits Bulk, Skull, and the other kids, who head to the construction site to save their parents. The Rangers return with their new animal-themed Ninja Zords and, after a difficult struggle, destroy one of Ivan’s Ecto-Morphicons, Scorpitron. Ivan takes control of Hornitor and battles the Rangers himself as they combine their Zords to form the Ninja Megazord and later the Ninja Mega Falconzord. Meanwhile, the kids push the parents back while Fred, with help from Bulk and Skull, sprays them with a large amount of water from a water cannon. The Rangers lure Ivan into space and knock him right into the path of Ryan’s Comet, which destroys him. Ivan’s death breaks his spell on the parents, who are reunited with their children. The Rangers return to the Command Center but are distraught to find Zordon has died. instead of giving up hope, they use the Great Power to restore the Command Center and resurrect Zordon, returning him to his time warp. Everything returns to normal in Angel Grove as a celebration is held at the Harbor with fireworks and a message saying “Thank You Power Rangers” which offends Bulk and Skull.

In a mid-credits scene, Goldar briefly lounges on Zedd’s throne, being served by Mordant, only to panic when Zedd and Rita appear, having been released after Ivan was destroyed.

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