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Nightmare Busters is a 2013 run and gun action video game developed by Arcade Zone and Super Fighter Team for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nightmare Busters was conceived by late programmer Christophe Gayraud, a former Titus Interactive who worked on The Blues Brothers and The Brainies for Super NES. Gayraud acted as co-designer with Jean‑Christophe Alessandri, a freelance art designer who worked on Prehistorik and Prehistorik Man. It was previewed in 1994 and showcased at Shoshinkai 1994, originally slated to be published by Sony and Nichibutsu, but development stopped when Sony abandoned distribution of Nintendo-related products with the introduction of PlayStation in Europe and Nichibutsu dropped the title for unknown reasons. Arcade Zone shut down due to being incapable of publishing their own games, while subsequent decrease of the SNES market kept it from being released. Production resumed in partnership with Gayraud and Alessandri, after Brandon Cobb of Super Fighter Team came across with the mobile phone port and was introduced to Gayraud by Eric Thommerot of In-Fusio.

Journalists praised the European animation-style visuals, dark fantasy tone, simple gameplay, and responsive controls, but its audio and other flaws were criticized. According to Cobb in a 2016 interview, Nightmare Busters sold the most units for Super Fighter Team.


Nightmare Busters is a run and gun action game similar to Contra and Gunstar Heroes.[1] The game can be played in single-player, or cooperatively with a partner.[1] The game follows the leprechaun twin brothers Flynn and Floyd in their journey to stop the diabolic Tyrant from infiltrating children’s dreams and turning them into nightmares.[2] There are five stages in total, which include a village, a forest, a cave, and a castle, populated with an assortment of obstacles.[2] The objective of each stage is to reach the end by shooting at every enemy that gets in the way, and fight a boss to progress further. Both Flynn and Floyd can attack with playing cards and magic attacks that can be sweapped at will.[2]

Each character is capable of sliding to avoid hazards and perform a dash maneuver to damage enemies.[2] The players can obtain new weapons from treasure chests and barrels, which include alternate shot types: fire cards, an energy axe, a twin shot, a sideshot, a thunder burst, and a shock sphere.[2] Additional items can be found within chests and barrels, or dropped by defeated enemies.[2] Both Flynn and Floyd can collect up to a hundred dominoes to gain an extra life.[2] Each character has a life gauge that allows the player to take two hits from an enemy before losing a life. However, obstacles such as pits or spikes will instantly kill a player.

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