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Pacific Theater of Operations I

P.T.O. (Pacific Theater of Operations I), released as Teitoku no Ketsudan (提督の決断) in Japan, is a console strategy video game released by Koei. It was originally released for the PC-9801 in 1989 and had been ported to various platforms, such as the X68000FM TownsPC-8801 (1990), MSX2 (1991), Sega Genesis and the Super NES (all three in 1992). Players could assume one side of the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II, acting as naval commander, organizing fleets, building new ships, appropriating supplies and fuel, and even engaging in diplomacy with other countries. The player can choose one of several World War Two battles to simulate, or could control the entire Pacific campaign well before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

A sequel, P.T.O. II, was released by Koei in 1993. Teitoku no Ketsudan III was never released outside Japan, but a P.T.O. IV was released for the PlayStation 2 in the US and Europe.



Players must choose one of nine scenarios when starting a game. The first scenario (Negotiations Breakdown) is a long-term campaign, where the player must win the war from mid-1941 before the war is declared. Victory can only be obtained by controlling all ports or eliminating all enemy ships. The other scenarios begin in the midst of a certain major Pacific conflict, where the goal is to capture or defend a certain port or sink or protect a number of enemy ships. If a scenario’s goal is achieved, the player can continue with the full campaign.

Naval powers

The player has the option of playing as one of the two major World War II Pacific maritime powers: the United States for the Allies, or Japan for the Axis. Other countries begin as allies of the two nations as they were at whatever point in the war gameplay begins; over time, non-allied nations can be convinced to ally with your side after significant gifts and diplomacy. Nations can also break alliances with poor diplomacy, which can lead to the departure of ships loaned from their navy. For instance, if the United Kingdom breaks off from the Allied forces, the US will lose all British ships from their fleet, such as the Hermes.

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