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Quest 64 (Holy Magic Century in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Eltale Monsters (エルテイル モンスターズ, Eruteiru Monsutāzu)[2] in Japan) is a role-playing video game (RPG) developed by Imagineer for the Nintendo 64. It was released in North America in June 1998 by THQ, Europe in September 1998 by Konami and July 1999 by Imagineer. It is the first role-playing video game released for the system in North America.

After Quest 64‘s moderate financial success, a sequel was in consideration by the developer Imagineer.[3] However, only the sequel’s story was revealed before it was ultimately cancelled. Imagineer released two other related games for the Game Boy ColorQuest: Brian’s Journey and a maze game called Quest: Fantasy Challenge.


The game’s story is set in Celtland, a fantastic medieval world that resembles Ireland. The playable character is an apprentice mage named Brian. Brian sets off to find his father, who has left the monastery of the mages – the player learns later that his father is looking for a thief who has stolen the “Eletale Book”. The player must also collect elemental gems, which have been hoarded by powerful criminals, before confronting the game’s final boss.


Similarly to Chrono Trigger, when the player character encounters enemies, instead of changing to a separate battle layout the game simply locks the player character into place and the battle proceeds.[4] The player character’s spells work through elemental spirits, with each of the Nintendo 64 controller‘s four C buttons corresponding to one of the four classic elements (wind, earth, water, and fire).[5]

The game differs from most RPGs in that the experience system is not based upon a traditional “level-up” model. Instead, similarly to Final Fantasy II, experience is gained for specific stats based on how the player performs in battle. If the character gets hit a lot, for instance, defense will increase. Also, whenever the player finds a wispy white spirit, they can choose an element of magic to upgrade (from Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind). Leveling up these elements grants the character new attacks and strengthens existing one

The game has no money system which is unusual for an RPG. Every item is either found in a treasure chest, dropped by a monster, or given to the player character free of charge (if the character doesn’t have one already). If Brian runs out of HP, the game will return him to the last inn at which he saved. He retains all spells, items, and experience he has gained before death, but any items used before death will not be returned.

In-game time is tracked with a compass/clock in the HUD, and certain events may either only happen at night or only happen during the day.[5]

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