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Re-Volt is a racing video game designed by Paul Phippen and Simon Harrison.[4][5] It was developed by Acclaim Studios London and published by Acclaim Entertainment for Microsoft WindowsNintendo 64PlayStation and Dreamcast.

The premise of the game involves racing radio-controlled cars around environments like museums, steamships, construction sites and supermarkets. During a race the cars can collect random weapons to use to displace competitors. Cars and tracks were both unlocked through success in the game’s tournament modes.

Game modes

  • Single Race – Allows to race against computer opponents for first place. Completing races associated with a cup unlocks additional cars.

This game mode is available in multiplayer mode for up to four players to race against each other.

  • Championship – Racing in a cup which consists of four races for points. The higher the rank the more points earned. However failing to finish 3rd place or above will cost a try. If all three tries are used, the championship must be restarted. Obtaining first in a cup unlocks additional levels and cars.
  • Time Trial – This game mode lets the player compete for the fastest lap time in any race that is unlocked. Successfully completing the number of races associated with a cup unlocks additional cars as well as reverse, mirror and reverse mirror variations of tracks.
  • Practice – Allows to explore tracks with no time limit or other racers. In addition each track features a star to collect. Collecting each star from a track per cup unlocks additional cars.
  • Stunt Arena – A small arena features 20 stars to collect. The arena features a loop, ramps as well as a half pipe with stars that can only be obtained with higher performing cars. Collecting all 20 stars unlocks a game mode.
  • Battle Tag – A multiplayer only mode that features a star hidden in a battle level. Collecting the star counts down a timer for a player. The first person to have their timer reach 0 is the winner. The game continues until the last person fails to collect the star.
  • Clockwork Carnage – Instead of 8 RC cars racing to the finish, its a 30 wind-up car race to the finish in any of the race levels.[6]
  • Car Editor[edit]
  • In October 1999, Acclaim Entertainment released the Re-Volt Car Editor which allowed players to export and edit, or create new cars for the PC version using 3D studio.[7] The editor was simply discovered in the Acclaim Studios London office and as such was released as an unapproved and unsupported piece of code.[8]

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