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Rocket – Robot on Wheels (USA)

Rocket – Robot on Wheels is a platform game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Ubi Soft for the Nintendo 64. It marked the first game developed by Sucker Punch, and their only game that it released on a Nintendo console, as Sucker Punch would be associated more closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment in its later years. In it, the player controls Rocket, the titular robotRocket: Robot on Wheels was the first game on a home platform to use a realistic physics engine to drive the gameplay. The player can solve puzzles dealing with mass, inertia, friction, and other physical properties.


The game has six differently themed worlds, all connected to a main “Whoopie World” hub area. Each world, along with the hub, contains 12 tickets and 200 tokens to collect. During gameplay, tickets are earned by completing different objectives in each world, such as assisting non-player characters, completing minigames, or collecting all the tokens in a world. A certain total number of tickets must be collected to open new worlds, while tokens can be exchanged with Tinker the maintenance robot for new abilities. Eight booster packs can also be collected, each of which will increase Rocket’s maximum health. Each world has at least one vehicle that is used for solving puzzles and getting tickets; for example, the first world has a hot-dog-shaped car that the player can drive. Other tickets require finding seven machine parts in each world to reactivate a machine and gain access to new areas. After collecting enough tickets in the six worlds, the player can access the final stage, “Jojo World”, to confront the antagonist, Jojo. The game’s soundtrack features jazz and psychedelic tracks primarily dominated by organ and piano.


Rocket is a robot created by Dr. Gavin, the architect and owner of Whoopie World, a futuristic theme park. On the night before opening day, Gavin goes to a party, leaving Rocket in charge of the park and its two animal mascots: Whoopie the walrus and his sidekick Jojo the raccoon. Jojo, who is envious of Whoopie being the star attraction, secretly plots to ruin opening day and rebrand the park as Jojo World. As soon as Gavin leaves, Jojo escapes his cage, clobbers Rocket senseless with a mallet, and grabs all of the park’s tickets and tokens. Jojo abducts Whoopie and teleports into the park, causing the attractions to go haywire. Rocket gives chase and begins exploring the many areas of the park, working to find the stolen tickets and tokens so he can catch Jojo and rescue Whoopie before Gavin returns.

After finding many of the missing tickets and tokens, Rocket confronts and defeats Jojo, freeing Whoopie just as Dr. Gavin returns. Gavin commends Rocket for his hard work before leaving again to repair Jojo’s damage to the park before it opens. After finding all the tickets and tokens, Rocket is honored by Gavin for his achievements by renaming the park RocketLand, much to Whoopie’s dismay.

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