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Rohga Armor Force, released in Japan as Wolf Fang is a 1991 run and gun/platform hybrid arcade game developed and published by Data East. It is related to Vapor Trail and was itself followed by Skull Fang.


Two years have passed since the military occupation of New York City in 1999 and since then Ragnarok (aka: DAGGER) – the organization responsible for the events – have disappeared following their air borne destruction. During that time, mech technology has been the boom of future military projects worldwide with the biggest factories residing in Oceania. These mechs become the main target of Ragnarok when it resurfaces and claims the military factories and cities of Australia and New Zealand. Their plan is to apparently use any and all of the deadliest mechs that have not yet reached completion to their chaotic liking.

The USAF and RAAF organize a strike force to reclaim major attacked points in the two countries with the assistance of the best mech operators they can find. Players then assume the role of mech-fighters who aim to liberate Australia or, depending on the player’s actions, New Zealand.


Rohga: Armor Force is an unusual scrolling horizontal shooter. Because the players control a mech, the players can hover against slanted walls in the background and occasionally land on higher platforms. Players are set with controls similar to a platformer as they face whichever horizontal direction they choose, can duck, aim their gun upwards at a 45 degree angle, and jump. Players can also move and aim their gun in different directions by holding the firing button down.

Players start along the shores of Australia and proceed to Sydney before being allowed to choose where to go from there. If players continue to explore Australia, then they will have a variety of places to choose from while if they pick New Zealand then they will have even more, different levels to choose from with different settings.


Wolf Fang: Kuuga 2001 was released in Japanese arcades in 1991.[2] It was released in arcades outside Japan and re-titled Rohga: Armor Force. The arcade versions outside Japan however, have a number of things cut. There is no story intermissions between the stages and there is no stage selection leading to 4 different endings found on the Japanese version, but the game cycles through all 12 stages like in the Japanese version’s expert mode.

The game was released for the Sony PlayStation on May 10, 1996,[3] and to the Sega Saturn on March 28, 1997.[4] Both conversions were by the Xing (famous for the arcade port collection known as Arcade Gears).[2] The console versions have added features such as a new title screen, new introduction, an original redbook audio soundtrack and a staff roll after the endings.

In 2010, the game was added to the PlayStation Network to allow users to download to and play either on the PSP or PS3.[3] In 2014, MonkeyPaw Games released it on PSN for Western audiences.[5][6]


In Japan, Game Machine listed Rohga: Armor Force on their March 15, 1992 issue as being the most-successful table arcade unit of the month.[7]

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the PlayStation version of the game a score of 22 out of 40.[3]


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