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San Francisco Rush 2049 (USA)

San Francisco Rush 2049 is a racing video game developed and manufactured by Atari Games for arcades. It was ported to the Nintendo 64Game Boy Color, and Dreamcast by Midway Games. The arcade machine was released in 1999; home versions followed in 2000 on September 7 for North America and November 17 for Europe. It is the third game in the Rush series and the sequel to San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing and Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA. It is the last game in the Rush series to be set in the city of San Francisco and the last released on a Nintendo console. It also serves as the final game for the Atari Games label, which was retired shortly after the arcade release. The Dreamcast version was later re-released as part of Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for the PlayStation 2Xbox, and GameCube and later for Windows as part of Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition.


The game features an arcade-style physics engine. Tracks are based around a futuristic representation of San Francisco. Cars have the ability to extend wings from their sides, allowing for mid-air adjustments. This feature is a product of the science fiction setting and as such is not seen in other entries in the Rush series. As with previous titles in the franchise, Rush 2049 features a stunt mode in which the player scores points for complex mid-air maneuvers and successful landings. The game also includes a multiplayer deathmatch battle mode and race mode for up to four players. There are six race tracks, four stunt arenas, eight battle arenas, and one unlockable obstacle course named the Gauntlet. Various car types and upgrades are unlockable throughout the game, though cheat codes offer instant achievement of these elements. The single-player race mode encourages exploration of high-difficulty off-track shortcuts, creating a risk and reward structure to the gameplay. The game’s soundtrack mostly comprises big beatbreakbeat and drum and bass.

Arcade game

The arcade version was an eight-player game (but more commonly bought in pairs), a sit-down machine with force feedback steering wheels, gear shifts, and three pedals (gas, brake, and clutch). A telephone-like keypad to the right of the steering wheel gave players the option of choosing a PIN and allowed them to earn points to unlock new cars and tracks. The machine used a 3dfx Voodoo 3 graphics card.

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