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Space Ranger

Space Ranger  is a science fiction hero who was published by DC Comics in several of their 1950s and 1960s anthology titles. He first appeared in Showcase #15 (July 1958) and was created by writers Edmond Hamilton and Gardner Fox and artist Bob Brown.[1][2] The character has notable similarities to a preceding character named David “Lucky” Starr, created by novelist Isaac Asimov in his 1952 novel David Starr, Space Ranger. After appearing in Showcase #15 and 16, the Space Ranger was given a cover-starring series in Tales of the Unexpected, starting with issue #40 and lasting until #82 (1959–64). Afterwards, he moved to Mystery in Space.

Publication history

In 1957, DC Comics editorial director Irwin Donenfeld held a meeting with editors Jack Schiff and Julius Schwartz in his office, asking them each to create a new science fiction hero: one from the present, and one from the future. Given first choice, Schiff chose to create one from the future.[3]

After a successful tryout in Showcase #15 and 16, the Space Ranger was given a slot in Tales of the Unexpected as of issue #40 (August 1959).[4] He moved to Mystery in Space for issues #92–99, 101, 103 (1964–65).[5]


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