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Spot  is a video game developed and produced by Virgin Mastertronic in 1990/1991 for the AmigaAtari STMS-DOS computers, Game Boy and NES. It is the first video game to feature the then-current 7 Up mascot “Spot”, and was later followed up by platformers Cool Spot and Spot Goes To Hollywood.


Gameplay is based on a smaller scale concept of the Chinese board game Go, which originates from over 2,500 years ago. It takes place on a 7×7 board, though in some variations, certain locations on that board would be unavailable.

Two to four players alternated turns, with each player controlling pieces of a specific color. On each turn, a player selects an existing piece of his color, and then an empty position one or two squares away. If the selected location is one square away, a new piece is created in that location; otherwise, the chosen piece moves from its original location to the new location. In either case, all adjacent pieces are then changed to that player’s color.


Originally called Infection, the game was invented by Dave Crummack and Craig Galley in 1988 for Wise Owl Software, which then sold the rights to Virgin Mastertronic UK. Although versions of Infection were programmed for AmigaCommodore 64, and Atari ST, none saw a commercial release. Eventually, the game was picked up by Virgin Mastertronic US, which licensed it to the Leland corporation, who then released it as the arcade game Ataxx in 1990.[1] Around the same time, Virgin released its own version of the game, Spot: The Video Game.[1] Infection was initially intended to be a budget release, and when the 7-up branding was added, Spot was sold as a full-price title.[1] Infection, while never seeing a commercial release, was released by developer Gary Dunne into the public domain in 1994.[2] Infection also appeared on the cover disk of issue 49 of Amiga Power.[3]


Wyatt Lee reviewed the game for Computer Gaming World, and stated that “SPOT: The Computer Game offers a simple concept with cute graphics and stimulating game play. It offers fast play, multi-player interaction, a long shelf life and much delight.”[5]



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