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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (USA)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (often shortened to Rainbow Six) is a tactical first-person shooter video game franchise by Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft, based on the novel Rainbow Six by American author Tom Clancy. Critically and commercially successful, the franchise revolves around a fictional international counterterrorist organization called Rainbow.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six follows a secret international counterterrorist organization called “Rainbow” (or “Team Rainbow“; capitalization varies between “Rainbow” and “RAINBOW”). The series is set in the canon Tom Clancy’s universe, which is mostly shared with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

Formed in 1999 by the world’s militarylaw enforcement, and intelligence agencies to combat the post-Cold War global rise in terrorism, Rainbow is a rapid deployment force consisting of “operators” from nations and organizations worldwide, ranging from special forces soldiers and police tactical unit members to intelligence officers and combat field experts, trained and equipped to become the most capable counterterrorist professionals in the world, able to handle any terrorist attack, hostage rescue, or takedown that local authorities cannot conduct in an effective, reliable, or timely manner. Rainbow is headquartered in HerefordEngland, but has global jurisdiction and can base themselves at any intelligence agency’s headquarters (such as Langley, Virginia) should their continued presence in a region be necessary.

Due to the sensitive nature of their operations, such as being deployed in multinational incidents or against threats possessing weapons of mass destruction, and to simply prevent terrorists from knowing of their existence, Rainbow operates in complete secrecy, with only the most senior government, military, and intelligence officials knowing they even exist. Cover-ups are often conducted after Rainbow’s deployments to disguise operators as local police or military units, omit details that could alarm the public, or prevent the reporting of certain deployments.

The leader of Rainbow is designated “Rainbow Six” (or just “Six”), a reference to the American rank code for captain (O-6).[1] The first Six was former U.S. Navy SEAL and CIA operations officer John Clark, who led the organization from its founding until his retirement.[a] Since then, numerous individuals have taken the role of Six, the most recent being Harry Pandey.[b]

Though the Rainbow Six universe is generally grounded in reality and maintains its basic premise, recent installments and plot events partially depart from the series’ established setting or Rainbow’s traditional policies, with Rainbow hosting a publicly-visible tactical competition,[b] recruiting non-government or independent operators such as private military company “Nighthaven”,[b] and being deployed to defeat invading extraterrestrials.[c]

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