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Tonic Trouble (USA) (Rev 1)

Tonic Trouble is a 1999 action-adventure game developed by Ubi Soft Montreal and published by Ubi Soft. The game follows janitor Ed, who drops a container of unidentified fluid from his spaceship to Earth, transforming the planet into a mutated version of itself. Drunkard Grögh drinks from the container and is granted powers that lead him to conquer Earth. Assuming the role of Ed, the player is tasked with solving puzzles and defeating enemies to acquire the tools to conquer Grögh and repossess the container to create an antidote.

Tonic Trouble was conceptualized by Michel Ancel and developed by a team of around 120 people, starting pre-production in June 1996. After multiple delays, the game was released for Nintendo 64 in August 1999, with a Windows version following that December. A Game Boy Color adaptation was made by RFX Interactive and released in Europe in 2000. Tonic Trouble received a mixed response from critics, who approved of the controls, score, level design, and graphics, but criticized the camera system, gameplay, visuals, and its derivative nature. The game sold 1.1 million copies.


Ed traversing a ski slope

Tonic Trouble is an action-adventure game played from a third-person view.[2][3] The playable character, Ed, navigates three-dimensional environments through platforming and entering portals, while wielding a peashooter (used in a first-person perspective); new gadgets are rewarded as more levels are completed.[2][3][4][5] Gadgets are created by a mad doctor character,[6] who builds the peashooter, a bow tie that enables Ed to fly, a diving helmet for underwater exploration, a belt that functions as a cloaking device by letting him take the appearance of enemies, and a pogo stick that allows him to traverse lava and stomp open trap doors.[7] There are six levels on the Game Boy Color version,[8] contrary to the twelve featured in the Nintendo 64 and Windows versions.[9][10]

Ed can jump, climb, fly, swim, and crawl. To unlock the ability to kick and slap enemies, he must enlarge himself into Super Ed with popcorn consumables.[4][7][9] The health bar increases from obtaining thermometers.[8] Ed can use a stick to beat enemies, activate switches, and pry open doorways to areas containing bonus items.[7] Fetch quests include collecting red orbs and other items;[4][5] solving puzzles can grant power-ups and help defeat enemies.[3] Collecting bonus spheres will unlock a secret level.[7]

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