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Wipeout 64 (USA)

Wipeout 64 is a 1998 futuristic racing game developed by Psygnosis and published by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64. It is the third game in the Wipeout series and remains the only one published on a Nintendo console. At the time of the game’s release, developer Psygnosis had been owned for five years by Sony Computer Entertainment, for whose hardware all subsequent Wipeout games have been released exclusively.

Set in 2098, a year after Wipeout 2097Wipeout 64 introduced several new elements to the Wipeout series including analogue control which benefited from the Nintendo 64’s controller, new weapons, teams, and tracks. The game received generally positive reviews from critics. Comparing the game with F-Zero X, which was released a month earlier, many critics praised the game for its individuality among the Wipeout series, its graphics, offering more tracks and racing craft, unique atmosphere and “superior track design”. However, the game was criticised for its slow frame rate, and opinion is divided whether Wipeout 64 is a ‘true sequel’ to Wipeout 2097.


Most aspects of the gameplay did not differ from the previous two titles. Wipeout is based on a futuristic anti-gravity setting where pilots would race against each other or computer-controlled AI opponents to finish in the highest position possible. Wipeout‘s gameplay takes inspiration from Formula One parallels; rather than using aerodynamics to increase wheel grip by down-force for faster turning speeds, Wipeout uses a fictionalised method of air braking for ever greater turning force.[4]

Wipeout 64 provides most of the same features as Wipeout 2097 along with new weapons unique to each team. New additions to the weapons interface include the ability to fire three rockets at a time and rear-locking missiles. Returning weapons include the homing missiles, machine guns and plasma bolts.[5][6] Exclusive to Wipeout 64 is an unlockable weapon power-up called the “Cyclone” which allows the player to strengthen the power of their weapons.[4] There is also the inclusion of an elimination counter that gauges how many opponents were eliminated in a race by the player. This paved the way for the Eliminator mode introduced in Wipeout 3.[7]

Unlike its predecessors that allowed split-screen between two players, Wipeout 64 introduces split-screen for a maximum of four players for the first time.[8] Wipeout 64 also introduces a new addition named Challenge Mode where the player has to complete sets of challenges in predefined classes and tracks through either getting the fastest time in a Time Trial, the highest placing in a race, or eliminating the most opponents through a weaponry-based deathmatch.[9][6]

Most of the tracks in Wipeout 64 feature mirrored layouts of circuits from select tracks in Wipeout and Wipeout XL, set in different locations. Some conversions are not perfectly accurate, as some corners were eased or cut entirely, elevations were changed, and there were no split track sections.[6]

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