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WWF No Mercy (USA) (Rev 1)

WWF No Mercy is a professional wrestling video game released in 2000 by THQ for the Nintendo 64. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and is named after the company’s annual event of the same name. Developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI CorporationNo Mercy is the last in a series of Nintendo 64 wrestling games from the companies that started with WCW vs. nWo: World Tour.

No Mercy features various improvements over its predecessor, 1999’s WWF WrestleMania 2000, such as improved graphics, a “Championship” mode that allows players to participate in various branching storylines, and a more in-depth character creation mode. The improvements made to the game, combined with the series’ vaunted gameplay and controls garnered praise from critics upon release. Nevertheless, the game was faulted by some for its blocky graphics, slowdown and the difficulty level of computer-controlled opponents. Overall, the game was critically well received and would become one of the best-selling titles for the Nintendo 64, as well as the third best-selling wrestling game for the N64 console.[2]

In the years since its release, No Mercy has been regarded as one of the best wrestling video games ever made, as well as one of the standout titles for the Nintendo 64.[3] The game has maintained a strong, loyal fanbase throughout the years and various unofficial modifications for the game have been developed, altering/updating the game’s graphics and sounds and introducing different playable wrestlers to the game’s roster.


No Mercy features the same game mechanics as its predecessors. Players can strike or grapple with their opponent; combining a button press with a direction yields different strikes and grappling maneuvers.[4] The momentum system from the previous games has also been retained, where players build up their “Attitude” meter by attacking their opponent. Having a large amount of momentum increases the player’s chances of a successful pinfall or submission, and filling up the meter completely allows the player to execute their character’s finishing maneuver.[5]

Additional characters and arenas, as well as moves and costumes to be used in the game’s create-a-wrestler mode can be unlocked in the new “Smackdown Mall”. Players earn in-game currency through gameplay that they can spend to unlock these in-game items. One way players can earn currency is through the game’s new single-player Championship Mode, which tasks players with winning one of the WWF’s various championship titles.[6] There are seven selectable story paths to play through, one for each of the available championships. Each storyline features branching paths that are reached depending on players’ decisions made during the story or whether they win or lose certain matches. In-game currency can also be earned by playing the game’s survival mode, in which players attempt to defeat as many opponents as possible without being defeated themselves. Players can compete in various match types in Exhibition modes, including the newly added ladder match. As in the previous Nintendo 64 titles, up to four players can compete in the same match. The game also features new arenas to wrestle in, as well as introducing backstage areas in which players can brawl using various weapons and objects in the environment. This would be the first and subsequently only game in the AKI series wbich allowed players to fight backstage.[7]

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